Master Leo
Master Leo Champ
Master Leo ( Hero )

Nickname: Awakened King of Animals

Scientific Name: Panthera Leo

Type: Multi

Ability: Master Attack ( Eikouno Efreet )

Class: Ultra Rare, Champion

Strength: 8000 ( Champ 7500 )

Health: 7000 ( Champ 6000 )


G: Brave Fang ( Best Attack )

T: Griffning Attack

P: Eikouno Efreet ( Master Attack )


The young hero finally awakens! With his ultimate strength he has become the true king of animals.


  • Griffning Attack is Special Ops Leo's Best Attack.
  • Master Leo is the strongest Master Animal.
  • He has a son named Celeo.
  • He is one of the Master Animals.
  • Death Scorch is his rival.